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Snail Mail Science Postcard

Jessika Raisor
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Spruce up your day with some fun information and the feel-goodness that comes with supporting worthy organizations!

The was made because:

1) I love sending mail

2) I love telling people all the cool stuff I learn!

I figured why not combine both and help out science organizations and the USPS by buying some stamps! The world is kind of not the right now but I hope these cute postcards in the mail can brighten up your day and bring back a small connection to other people out there in the country.

Right now I am only mailing to the USA.

100% of the money made through the sale of these postcards goes to the chosen non-profit of the month (see below).

If you wish to donate directly to me to help me buy more stamps and postcards you can buy one of my other gumroad offerings or leave a tip at www.ko-fi.com/jessikaarts

Donations are Currently Heading to:

Project is finished.

Past Donations

  • $45.79with a fact about wasps
  • Xerces Society (an international non-profit) — $22 with a fact about glaciers


Follow me on instagram or twitter for updates on donations and the SMSPS (snail mail science postal service duh).

Postcards are printed at a local Columbus, OH print shop.

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

One postcard mailed to you with a science fun fact!


Snail Mail Science Postcard

0 ratings